How to Start and Use Twitter Spaces on Android / iPhone

Twitter is a very popular social media platform in today’s era. It is a famous microblogging site. In fact, you can use the tweets to express yourself. So, you can stay connected with your followers. Thus, it becomes beneficial in various aspects. There are various features of Tweeter itself. So, the ‘Twitter Spaces’ is one of its useful applications. You can make use of it to have a great connection with the followers. Many users have no idea about ‘How to Start and Use Twitter Spaces on Android / iPhone?’. It is not the point to worry about. We are ready here to guide you in detail. Thus, here you will get thorough information regarding this topic. With the help of this, you can resolve the issue easily. So, let’s have a ride at ‘How to Start and Use Twitter Spaces on Android / iPhone?’.

How to Start and Use Twitter Spaces on Android / iPhone?

‘Twitter Spaces’ is a very important entity. Moreover, you can make an audience conversation an easy way. So, it becomes possible to interact with your followers very conveniently. It will make your active presence display. That is why it plays a vital role. We are delivering here a tutorial on ‘How to Start and Use Twitter Spaces on Android / iPhone?’. We assure you that this elaborative tutorial will help you in many ways. Thus, you can simply get the proper solution for this problem. This facility is available for theAndroid & iPhone users. On the other hand, you should make your active participation in this process. So, join us to have great joy on this ride.

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Twitter Spaces

The ‘Twitter Spaces’ is a tool by Tweeter. Thus, you can use it for chat purposes. So, you can create your chatroom & add followers. It is possible to do this activity easily on your Android or iOS devices. This is really innovative & quality feature by Tweeter. It creates room for audience & supports also. There is a feature of adding the subtitles also. So, it makes it more attractive to use. In addition to that, it is possible to give the chat room title within 70 words as per the need. In this operation, a maximum of 10 speakers can participate. This count is excluding the host. Thus, you should go for taking advantage of this facility in your work.

Useful Methods Available to Execute This Operation

There are various different operational methods available to execute this operation successfully. So, all you need to do is just go through the steps given below. Go for it to get the expected results.

Method – 1 ) Start and Use Twitter Spaces on Android Phone

There is a specific method available for Android users. So, All you need to do is to go through the steps given below. Do the same to reach the final step now.

1 ) Open Twitter App

The very first thing you should go for is to open the Twiter application on your Android phone. So, simply tap on the app icon to open it on the screen. Moving ahead, you need to press the ‘+’ sign available there. So, click on that for further operation. Do this necessary action here.

Method 1 How to Start and Use Twitter Spaces on Android / iPhone  Step 1

2 ) Choose the ‘Spaces’ Option

After that, a pop-up window will appear on the screen. So. choose the ‘Spaces’ option icon having a number of dots forming a diamond shape. It is available on the upper side of the window displayed. This is a very important step to perform here.

spaces option window

3 ) Click on the ‘Start your space’ Button

Further, a new screen will display. So, you should add the name to this space. So, so can add it according to your requirement. Then, click on the ‘Start your space’ button displayed on the bottom side of the pop-up window.

start your space window display

4 ) Select the ‘Go to App Info’ Option

As a next step, again a new screen will appear on the screen. Thus, it is needful to give access to your phone’s microphone. If you have not set it, you can with this page option. So, provide proper access.

go to app info window

5 ) Thumbnail Window Display

Then, you will see the window with your thumbnail on that. At an initial level, the microphone is off. So, you can turn it on according to how the process goes on. There are other options like adding speakers, adjusting settings, sharing the Space & adding reactions. So, you can perform them as per your need.

thumbnail window display

From the ‘3 dots’ symbol option, you can do the operations regarding the ‘Adjust settings, share feedback, View rules & View captions’ options. Thus, you can easily perform them here.

options window

In addition to that, you can also perform the sharing operation also. So, there are various options like ‘Invite via DM, Share via Tweet & Copy Link’ etc. So, making use of these functions, you can do the sharing operation easily.

sharing ways window to Start and Use Twitter Spaces on Android / iPhone

In order to make this operation successful, just go through these steps on an Android phone.

Method – 2 ) Start and Use Twitter Spaces on iOS Phone

There are 2 different methods available for the execution of this very important operation. It includes ‘Compose button’ & ‘Fleets section’. Thus, simply follow the steps given below to do it properly.

1 ) Click the Compose button

First of all. you should click on the ‘Compose’ button on the Twitter account screen. So, tap it to move ahead.

Method 2 How to Start and Use Twitter Spaces on Android / iPhone  Step 1

2 ) Choose the ‘Spaces’ Button

Further, you will see some icons displayed on the screen. So, choose the ‘Spaces’ button from there. So, click on the diamond-shaped icon available there.

spaces icon display

3 ) Naming the Space

Now, you need to name the space if you wish to. So, do it properly in order to display it on the Tweeter handle for the audience.

naming your space

4 ) Click on the ‘Start your space’ Button

Further, a pop-up window will appear on the screen. Thus, simply click the ‘Start your space’ button on the downward side of the window.

start your space window

5 ) Oprational Phase

Here, you can see the various options available. So, at the first observation, the mic is off. In fact, it is off by default. Other operational options are available here similar to the Android phone application.

operational phase window to Start and Use Twitter Spaces on Android / iPhone

Thus, iOS users can also access this feature in a good manner.


In this way, this is all about starting and using Twitter Spaces on Android / iPhone. So, we hope that this comprehensive data will help you resolve this issue properly. Do adhere to this information in order to get the operation done successfully.