How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text iPhone

iPhone provides a number of benefits to users. In fact, along with the technology updates, it improves the quality. Moreover, you get various types of features with this scenario. Many applications help to create their impact very powerfully. ‘Grou Text’ is also one of the features of the iPhone. It plays a vital role in various activities. But, sometimes, you become panic about it. You wish to get rid of it. But, many users are unaware of ‘How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text iPhone?’. Though it helps to perform various operations, you wish to leave it at once. Here you will get thorough information regarding the same. So, you can surely make use of it. We have also covered the article on ‘How to Turn Off Auto Update on iPhone‘. Here we o to look at ‘How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text iPhone?’.

How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text iPhone?

The notifications play a vital role to make you alert. So, you can take an action about it. But, the situation gets hectic when you receive a number of notifications from the group chat. So, we are delivering here a tutorial on ‘How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text iPhone?’. With this elaborative data, you can easily make this thing happen. So, simply adhere to the steps of the process given here. You will finally get rid of this issue successfully. On the other hand, be ready to grab this opportunity.

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Group Text Facility in iPhone

iPhone users are equipped with various beneficial features in the system. The ‘Group Text’ is one of the useful features they have. It is a feature with a systematic structure. They can communicate with each other on a specific topic. So, this activity helps them to create plans for their next work. Moreover, it becomes easier to figure out what time works for all of them. On the other side, it may annoy you as there is a continuous flow of discussion going on there. So, it becomes needful to leave it for the sake of convenience.

Methods Used to Remove Yourself From a Group Text iPhone

There are various different types of methods available for this purpose. Thus, all of them may be useful to fulfill this operation. But, we are providing here some of them for you people. We are sure that you come out with the flying colors of results. Do go through them here.

Method – 1 ) For the Members Using iMessage

For the Apple device users with this iMessage app, there is a systematic process available. So, all you should do is follow the steps given below. By following the steps given here, ultimately you will be successful to get out of the group. So, do the same here.

1 ) Choose the ‘Message’ App

First of all, go to the home screen of your iPhone. You will find here a list of various applications available. Thus, choose the ‘Message’ app for further purposes. Click on that to move ahead.

Method 1 How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text iPhone Step 1

2 ) Select the ‘Group Text’

Further, you will now reach the inbox of your text function. Here you will have your chat history with all the ‘Group Text’. So, select the one that you wish to exit from. This is a very important step to perform at this moment.

group text window display

3 ) Click on the Conversation Top Header

Next to that, you should move towards the upper side of the window. Then, click on the top header of the conversation box displayed. It will lead to change some internal settings for this purpose. So, go for it now.

conversation top header

4 ) Cick the ‘info icon’

Moving ahead, you should click on the ‘info icon’. It is available on the upper side below the conversation header. Thus, tap on that ‘i’ icon.

info icon window

5 ) Select ‘Leave This Conversation’ Option

After that, a window will appear. So, here select the ‘Leave This Conversation’ option for leaving this group. It is situated on the downward side of the box displayed. So, simply click on that.

leave the conversation window

6 ) Confimation of Leaving the Channel

Now, it’s time to confirm that you are finally leaving the conversation. So, click on the ‘Leave This Conversation’ option. Thus, you are almost done with the process to complete.

confirmation window display

7 ) Click on the ‘Done’ Option

Now, on the upper side, you will observe the ‘Done’ option. So, click on that.

done window display

8 ) Group Left Indication

When you are done with the all steps, you will get removed from the group. The message notifying that your removed will display under the text chat. Thus, from here onwards you will not receive any kind of notification from that group.

group leaving indication

So, by applying this method, Apple users will easily get rid of this issue for sure.

Method – 2 ) For the Members Using Android Phones

Similarly, there is a specific process available for Android users also. So, just go through the steps provided below to execute this operation successfully. Do adhere to the steps properly to get the end results.

1 ) Choose the ‘Message’ App

Same as above, choose the ‘Message’ app on the phone. So, click on that to move ahead.

Method 2 How to Remove Yourself From a Group Text iPhone Step 1

2 ) Choose the ‘Group Text’

Moving further, you will reach the message chat window. So, select the group you want to hide the notifications from or mute its alerts. Tap on that.

group text window

3 ) Tap the ‘Top Header of the Conversation’

Now, click on the ‘Top Header of the Conversation’ of the displayed window.

top header conversation window

4 ) Click on the ‘info icon’

Moving ahead, you will have to do some small changes here. So, click on the ‘info icon’, i.e, ‘i’ icon.

info icon window

5 ) Go to the ‘Hide Alerts’ Segment

Now, scroll down till you get the ‘Hide Alerts’ segment. It is necessary to turn it off by switching it towards the right side of the block.

hide alerts window

6 ) Click on the ‘Done’ Option

The ‘Hide Alerts’ switch will turn green after the above operation. Then, click on the ‘Done’ option available in the upper-right corner of the window. Do the same to proceed ahead.

done window display to Remove Yourself From a Group Text iPhone

By following the above methods, Android users can carry out this operation.


In this way, it’s all about the to remove yourself from a group text iPhone. We expect that this elaborative data will bring out the best results for users. Stay tuned with us for more informative tutorials.